Our Veterinarian

Dr. Shokar, DVM

Dr. Shokar has always had a keen interest in surgery since he started practicing veterinary medicine. This interest has blossomed into real expertise as he has performed thousands of procedures over the years. At the same time, he has always placed particular professional emphasis on dental care for our pets. As poor dental hygiene can contribute to a host of different diseases in pets, he spent years learning and perfecting new techniques to help provide the highest quality of dental care possible.

Although veterinary medicine has been the passion of Dr. Shokar’s life, he does occasionally have some spare time to himself! When he can get some time off, he enjoys traveling, reading and going on hikes with his two terrier/miniature poodle mixed-breed dogs named Castor and Pollux (People find it hard to believe because of their fur color but they are actually brothers from the same litter!).